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Behind the Scenes

As interior designers and consultants, we partner with our clients to create innovative environments that thoughtfully respond to their strategic branding, cultural, and operational objectives. The collective knowledge and diversified expertise of our team brings added value to our client’s workplace, hospitality, and public sector projects.


We approach each client’s project by becoming intrinsically familiar with their strategic business plan and marketing strategy, which informs the programming, planning and design process for each of our project types.  

Creating a safe environment is a key part of our practice. The health of the occupants and the conditions of the space are carefully taken in to consideration when designing a space in the endeavor to prevent illness or injury.

Alongside spatial safety is Planet Design's commitment to sustainability. This involves taking responsibility and prioritising  the specification of product that inflicts as little harm to the environment as is practicable.

Planet Design is on the 'CCS Panel'.  AoG CCS  (All-of-Government Construction Consultancy Services) is one of the All-of-Government panels offered as part of the Government Procurement Reform Programme, by New Zealand Government Procurement and Property, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  

Planet Design is also a member of  DINZ (Designers Institute of New Zealand), our Director Paul Belchambers being an active 'Professional Peer' .

We are also of course members of NZGBC  (New Zealand Green Building Council)  

Established in 1989, Planet Design Consultants have forged a strong reputation for providing consistent design solutions that have stood the test of time. 

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